Gentle on flavour – tough on germs.

Velcorin® is our highly effective microbial control agent for the cold sterilisation of your beverages with no effect on the taste and colour.

Micro-organisms are everywhere, when bottling beverages – in the ambient air, production plants, caps and the drinks themselves. When it comes to the stabilisation of beverages against typical beverage-spoilage microorganisms, the cold sterilisation with Velcorin® (Dimethyl Dicarbonate / DMDC) has successfully established itself as one of the leading technologies in this field within the last 40 years. It is fast, safe and straight forward.

Benefits of Velcorin®

  • Highly effective against micro-organisms
  • Does not affect the taste and colour of beverages
  • Cost effective
  • Decomposes into natural ingredients
  • Compatible with all types of packaging
  • Comprehensive advice and services along with each developed beverage
  • Obtained Halal certification and Kosher certification by US OU (Orthodox Union)

Area of Application

  • Microbial control agent in carbonated beverages
  • Microbial control agent in flavoured beverages
  • Microbial control agent in fruit & vegetable juices
  • Microbial control agent in ice teas
  • Microbial control agent in sport drinks
  • Microbial control agent in wine (for China in progress)

Please contact us for specific information on how Velcorin® can help and support your product and production.

With Velcorin®  we not only offer a highly effective solution for the cold sterilisation of your beverage, but also in combination with a state-of-the-art Velcorin® dosing equipment a truly full service package.

The Velcorin® DT Touch can be easily installed in new or existing filling lines and provides excellent and accurate dispersion of Velcorin® in the beverage.

For further information, please have a look at our Velcorin® DT Touch brochure or contact us directly.


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